Sunday, May 17, 2009

Featured Bingo Player


Known to his friends as "Jocko" was born on the East Side of Buffalo and has been playing bingo for 25 years. He is a piano player at a local restaurant and says he is happy as a lark. He now lives in Amherst and plays his favorite game of bingo at least 3 times a week. His largest jackpot is $3,000.00 and favorite game is a coverall jackpot.
When it comes to all the different dabber colors his luckiest seem to be red, purple, blue & green. As far as the numbers go, number 21 is at the top. Jocko thinks its wild when another player calls bingo just to find out it's a mistake and the very next ball is the one they needed for a good bingo.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Introducing Jackie Jocko

This is our blog devoted to Jackie Jocko whom we go and hear at the Hyatt. Jocko plays at E.B. Green's at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Buffalo every week, Tuesday through Saturday. Celebrities who have appreciated Jocko's talent include the singer Marlene Dietrich, the U.S. President Richard Nixon, and Lee Harvey Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby.

That is a picture above of Jocko with our friend Julie who is a waitress in the lounge.

In his spare time Jocko tells fortunes, draws up our astrological charts and gives us advice on our lives. He is especially good to go and hear when work is giving you problems.

"It's all #*&#$&!" Jocko will tell you on those nights. And then he will start playing "Lemon Twist." And you feel better immediately!

"I've been around the world," Jocko says. "They've been around the streets." It helps keep things in perspective.

Check back daily for updates on Jocko.

This will be the world's greatest blog!